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I Probably Love my Dogs More than Most People

And you probably read the title wrong. I didn’t mean that I love my dogs more than most people love their dogs, I meant that I love my dogs MORE than people. Not all people, but most.

I am aware that the above statement further supports the opinion that I am highly dysfunctional, but you should also know that I don’t care. My dogs don’t judge me. They love me everyday, no matter how I look or what I say. Fat or thin. Happy or sad. They love me in whatever condition I may be in. My husband once said that if we were to put our dogs in a suitcase, and let them out an hour later, they would still love us. In fact, they would even be happy to see us. That was his argument as to why dogs are the best. You simply would not get the same outcome with any human being. (Please note that we never tested his theory. I’d never do that to my dogs, and my kids are all too big to fit into any of the luggage we own.)

But in the last few days, I have been able to prove one theory: it is entirely possible that I love ALL dogs more than most people. Since the whole Beneful story fell into my lap, I’ve been on a mission to reach out to as many people as I can to get them away from this product. I’ve started doing research and writing letters to grocery stores. I’ve called my vet, my Mother, my friends, and posted my story on public pages all over Facebook, all in hopes that at least one person would walk their bag of Beneful to the trash after hearing or reading what I had to say. I’ve researched foods until late in the evening, and eventually decided on a new food for my last surviving dog (more natural – and twice as much as the food I buy now). I found myself wanting to avenge the death of my dogs. I wanted to call Purina and scream at them until I was blue in the face. I wanted to seek justice for others who have lost their dogs to cancer that was caused by constantly ingesting tainted dog food. I wanted to call Erin Brockovich. I didn’t want another dog to go through what the two of mine did – and I didn’t want another dog parent to go through it either.

So, before I continue on with the calls, the letters, and the internet posts – I thought it best to take a break from my first-ever crusade, and focus for a moment on the joys our fur babies brought us. Here are a few photographs that capture some of the happiest moments we’ve had with them. I love all of my dogs, but the first two were just that – they were the first two that stole my heart. They were my babies. And I will never forget them.

Casey ay the beach
Casey was all about chasing the ball at the beach

King at the beach
King was all about chasing EVERYTHING at the beach

shaking in LA
Shaking off after a swim in the pound with a friend

King running through the fields for hours

Casey's pups
Casey’s litter of pups

Chicken pox
King nursing my daughter through chicken pox

King’s 9th birthday

I'm 8
Casey’s 8th birthday

Birthday party
Yes, we had a real party for our hedgehog’s 1st birthday. (And yes, those are treat bags filled with milk bones. And yes, we get a little carried away sometimes.)

indy adoption day
This is Indiana, a rescue we adopted after King died

indy out the car window
Indy doing his most favorite thing in the world. (This was his first good day after Casey died.)


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