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Is Purina Beneful Toxic?


Today was going pretty good. Light work day, low anxiety, a little exercise, and I was almost finished with a humorous post about Florida drivers when I received a text from a friend.

It read: “Hey, not to bring up a sore subject, but what did you feed your dog Casey?”

My first thought was: why would she want to know what I fed my dead dog? I told her, and waited her response. I read her response two or three times. I was frozen in place. Then came tears. Then came disbelief. Then came hysterics. And now I realize that I am going through the grieving process all over again. When I’m done being sad, I’m going to be mad as hell. And that’s when I will become a terrible nuisance to some local and national companies – because I want answers. I plan on starting with my veterinarian first thing in the morning.

Turns out my friend was doing some research on the internet about Beneful (Purina Dog Food), and came across a post from a woman who had lost her 7 year old dog to kidney failure. She blamed Beneful as the cause of her dog’s illness and death. My friend shared the link with me, and I started reading the hundreds of comments made by others. It was all about dogs that were thriving and full of life and then suddenly became sick – some were full of tumors, while others were vomiting and dying of kidney disease. All of them had been on a Beneful diet.

Sadly enough, I fed both of my dogs Purina Beneful (Healthy Weight Formula) for the last 4 or 5 years of their lives. They both got sick fast, and had to be euthanized just a few months after diagnosis. One died at the age of 10 (thyroid cancer) and the other just a year later at the age of 8 (kidney failure/lymphoma). After my last dog died, I found myself searching for a common denominator – since they weren’t from the same family, what were the odds that they would both end up with cancer? After speaking at length with my veterinarian and finding nothing, I chalked it up to nothing more than horrible luck. But now I have every reason to believe that their food may have been the cause of their illnesses, and eventually, their deaths. While there is no official “proof” that this food is bad, I don’t believe in coincidence among hundreds of people. So please, if you are feeding your dogs this food, do the research, talk to your vet, and switch to a different food. It’s too late for my babies, but others still have a chance.


I am not gay. I am not straight.

I am not gay. I am not straight. I am human.

As human beings, we have a lot of choices in life. Who we connect with is not one of them. I believe that a person should be able to openly love and commit to another – wholly and completely – regardless of gender. If you choose not to embrace homosexuality because of your own personal or religious beliefs – then that is your choice.¬† People living freely – outside of your own opinions¬† – shouldn’t be “punished” for who they love. The gays are not out to get you, the bisexuals are not confused, and the transsexuals are not trying to be anyone other than the person they are on the inside. They are not trying to change your life – they are just trying to live their own. You have no right to confine or alienate others simply because they live their lives differently than you do.

It’s not about what the bible says or what your local politician thinks. It’s not about practicing tolerance and acceptance. It’s not about embracing and understanding another persons lifestyle. It’s about respecting basic human rights and knowing when to mind your own fucking business. It’s really that simple.

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